Get New & Returning Customers with our Customised AI Solution

Running your own business with DIY tools is hard work.

Using AI and automations, we'll set up your personalised system to get you more leads, turn more of those leads into customers, and keep them coming back.

Free up more time to focus on your business!

Guaranteed or your money back.

After five minutes, the odds of converting a lead drop 80%. We'll make sure that doesn't happen!

See why our clients trust LazyMagnet to help grow their business

I signed up to LazyMagnet and within a day I was getting more enquiries and patient bookings. It's great getting new customers on auto-pilot. I've even been able to cut back on advertising spend!

Zee Sharif

Want New Customers NOW?

Stop wasting time trying to do it all yourself. Our all-in-one system completely automates attracting, converting, and retaining more customers for you.

  • Our AI instantly creates ads to find your ideal customers and keeps optimising them

  • Lead conversion is easy with automated nurturing and messaging that encourages booked appointments

  • Bring back lost customers and drive loyalty through automated re-engagement campaigns

This automated marketing system works for you, so you can spend far less time nurturing leads and marketing and more time with the customers you serve and day-to-day operations.

LazyMagnet is your system for:

AI Created & Optimised Ads

Getting More Leads

Leads to Customers

Repeat business

Save time and regain the confidence to focus on your business, knowing new customers are being engaged and nurtured with the LazyMagnet automation marketing system.

Automated technology releases limits on your business. LazyMagnet solves the problem of time, touch, and target.

Let Us Set Up Your Customer Generation System While You Focus on Your Business

We'll Help You Choose The Right Plan

We'll Set Up Your System For More Customers from Day 1

Monthly Check-Ins To Answer Any Questions

What can LazyMagnet do for your business?

Turn Leads into Customers

If you get visitors to your website or socials, but they are not converting, you need our lead conversion system.

Our done-for-you system automates capturing visitor information from any channel (web chat, socials, email) and turning them into leads. It then automatically nurtures them to your desired action, whether that be a booked appointment or a sale.

  • Capture leads from all sources (website, chat, Messenger, Google Business Profile and more)

  • Mobile app to see and respond to all enquiries

  • Automate responses, such as "Would you like to book an appointment

  • Nurture leads to book a meeting

Each piece of the LazyMagnet system builds trust as leads flow with ease from acquisition to close.

Use AI to Create and Optimise Ads

You need more leads. Online advertising is hard. Our AI Ads platform creates and optimises ads. Once connected, you'll create ads in 5 minutes, Our AI system will keep optimising your ads, bringing down the cost and improving lead quality.

Ditch your expensive advertising agency and run your own ads on every platform. AI Ads lets you focus on running your business.

  • AI Ads on all major platforms: Google, Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube & Snapchat.

  • Lead, conversion and retargeting ads

  • Automated Ad creation and optimisation

  • Our system nurtures leads to a booked appointment or sale

Each piece of the LazyMagnet AI Ads system works together to turn strangers into customers.

Repeat Customers on Auto-Pilot

Once you’ve closed a customer, you need to keep them coming back and referring your business to others. Return customers are profit. They trust your reputation, know your product or service, and want to do more business with you.

Consistent communication with return customers helps to grow online reputation and new customers simultaneously.

Automated text and email campaigns keep customers engaged and active and keep you making money. LazyMagnet is designed to keep customers coming back.

  • Done-For-You reactivation campaigns

  • SMS & Email campaigns & sequences

  • Get paid faster: just send a text with a link and you're done

  • Engage your customers with automated posting on socials

Why Does This All Matter?

Our customers have seen 90% cheaper ad costs and 105% higher click through rates than industry benchmarks because the system focuses on relevance and ad quality

After 5 minutes the chance of converting a lead drops by 80% - we contact leads immediately, and make it simple for you to respond as well.

If you're not capturing details of vistors to your website and socials, you're wasting your ad dollars. Our system captures lead information and nurtures them to a sale

You manage your business. We’ll help it grow.

Ready to see how LazyMagnet can grow your business and automate marketing to control and manage your online reputation, get new customers, and close new business?

Ready To Win More Clients & Keep Them Around For Life?

Get started now with a No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Pay Monthly Pay Annually


NZ$197/month + GST

Set Up Fee May Apply

NZ$1,997/year + GST

SAVE $$$


  • Turn Leads into Booked Appointments

  • Respond to Customers through all channels

  • Universal Inbox & Mobile App to Manage Conversations

  • Calendar Scheduling to get Booked Meetings

  • Web chat widget to Capture Leads

  • Automated Review Request

  • Tracking Number

  • Integrate All Channels


  • You can send3,500 emails per month, OR

  • make approx 150 calls per month

  • A combination of these


AI Ads to Customers

NZ$397 /Month + GST

  • Set Up Fee May Apply

NZ$3,970/year + GST

SAVE $$$


  • Everything in Essentials +

  • AI AdsGet More Leads with AI Advertising

    • NEW! Create and Optimise AI Ads in MinutesAI Powered Content

    • Advertise on All Major Channels: Facebook, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat


  • You can send 7,000 emails per month, OR

  • make 300 calls per month

  • A combination of these

Database Reactivation

NZ$397/Month + GST

  • Set Up Fee May Apply

NZ$3,970/year + GST

SAVE $$$


  • Everything in Professional +

  • Database ReactivationGet More Business from Existing Customers

  • AUTOMATED Text and Email Campaigns to:

    • Follow up prospects who contact you

    • Reactivate customers who have not bought from you for a long time

    • Birthday & Anniversay Campaigns

    • Newsletter


  • You can send 7,000 emails per month, OR

  • make approx 300 calls per month

  • A combination of these


NZ$597/Month + GST

  • Set Up Fee May Apply

NZ$5,970/year + GST

SAVE $$$


  • Everything in Professional +

  • Get AI Ads and Database Reactivation in one package

  • PLUS

    • Payments: Text to Pay, Invoices

    • Proposals & Quotes

    • Capture Leads with QR Codes


  • You can send 14,000 emails per month, OR

  • make approx 600 calls per month

  • A combination of these

Turn Strangers Into Life-Long Customers with LazyMagnet

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